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About Us

                  About - T-Bloke - The Ultimate Underwear              

T Bloke is an American underwear brand which is on a mission to help men reconnect with their underwear. The business was started by Tony, a man who has a passionate desire to encourage men to take care of themselves, starting with their underwear

       It's all started with an idea

Our founder Tony noticed that many men were suffering from chafing, friction, and lack of support from their underwear, with many people just accepting ill fitting boxers as there was no where else to go. In comparison to many underwear brands which are led by those with a background in the fashion industry, T Bloke is founded on the principles of men’s anatomy. 

The perfect pair of pants should provide comfort, security and of course style, so that your package is supported and protected while leaving you feeling confident, and whatever your lifestyle you can be sure that T Bloke is here to support you. This is a revolutionary concept for the industry, and after 18 months of conceptualizing various ideas, we have perfected our design.

      An innovative underwear design

At the very heart of our design is our innovative pouch design, which provides comfortable support for your nuts. Whether you are looking for underwear which provides support during sports, work or simply to improve comfort throughout the day, our pouch boxer briefs are sure to impress. Every single pair of T Bloke pants is equipped with our pouch design, which acts as a hammock for your package to lift your balls and reduce skin-on-skin friction, so that you are able to focus on your day without being distracted by your pants.

This unique pouch design combined with our luxury fabric and strategic stitching work together to create complete comfort, with all potential friction and chafing points eliminated. If you are looking for friction free movement, you can rely on our T Bloke range to provide the absolute comfort you need.

 We are on a mission to flip traditional underwear designs on their head, with our ergonomic boxer briefs and stunning range of colors and prints. If you have not yet tried T Bloke, we say try a pair, and you will soon see that nothing compares to our innovative designs.

      Experience the passion of T Bloke 

If you are passionate about protecting your manhood, it is time to experience T Bloke. We are completely dedicated to the health, comfort and style of our customers and we truly believe that we are helping to transform our customers lives, from the underwear out. After many trial designs and concepts, we believe that the T Bloke collection is completely unrivalled in terms of style, comfort, and functionality.

From our base in America, we offer free shipping throughout the UK and Canada, and as our loyal customer base continues to grow around the world, we are also pleased to offer free international shipping on all orders over $50. If you would like to find out more about our product, our team, or our goals for the future, please contact our team today.


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