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How T Bloke Men’s Pouch Underwear is Saving Our Balls

The underwear we wear is perhaps the most important part of our wardrobe, it is in direct contact with our body, supporting our crown jewels and providing the comfort we need all day long. Despite the importance of this simple piece of clothing, it may surprise you to hear that the design of boxer briefs has not changed much over the years.

If you are tired of struggling from chafing, poor support and material which rides up, T Bloke underwear is here to help with our revolutionary pouch design. In our latest blog, we take you through the benefits of our innovative ergonomic design, so that you can see exactly how T Bloke which change your balls forever!

1. Enhance your package



Whether you are looking to enhance or reshape your package, our pouch boxer briefs will create the fuller shape you desire. By lifting your balls upwards, the innovative pouch will push everything upwards to provide the support, comfort and shape you are looking for. Imagine the pouch as the male equivalent of an underwired or padded bra, we simply enhance your endowment


2.   Experience the health benefits



Aside from looking great, T Bloke boxers will provide numerous health benefits with less chafing, squashing, and sweating. The natural fit of our pouch design will lift and support your manhood, whilst providing a natural feel and the extra space you need to move comfortably.

3. Stylish designs



It is time to throw out your old pants and step into some new stylish underwear, which is designed with both your body and fashion sense in mind. From our ever-stylish plain black and white boxer briefs through to our patterned prints with designs which focus on the pouch area, you can be sure that the T Bloke range will boost your confidence and style


4. Improved comfort


In comparison to many styles of men’s underwear which are either too tight or too loose, our pouch creates a place for your manhood and balls to sit. By surrounding and supporting your package throughout the day, you will no longer have to worry about adjusting yourself to find a comfortable position.


5. Less sweating



The pouch combined with our luxurious spandex fabric blend will provide moisture wicking benefits, so that you stay dry and free from sweat. This naturally clean feeling is great for those which love to keep active, and when the summer months come around you will be pleased to be able to wear your T Blokes underwear.


T-Bloke –Order the ultimate underwear today


The idea behind T Bloke was to show men that what they wear below their clothes can meet their exact lifestyles, by delivering on comfort and function with timeless designs. This vision continues to be the driving force behind the T Bloke mission, and our various designs are proving to be popular with customers here in America and throughout the world. If you would like to find out more about the design of our product range, please contact our team today.


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